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We have a team of professionals trained specifically to ensure both our high-end clients and luxury residential developments receive a personalized memorable experience. L.A Agents has successfully restructured the real estate industry by adopting a multi-disciplinary and an all-inclusive perspective to the representation of new development clients. Our well-trained team of professionals has successfully closed development deals and luxurious property valued over $2 Billion. We are the only West Coast-based organization that has successfully incorporated experience derived from residential real estate brokerage, practical knowledge with an integrated workable innovation which encompasses novel development marketing, design, research and a strategic sales planning team of professionals.

L.A Agents is reputable for providing useful information and insight to elite clients and development projects because it has established a niche for itself in the sales of the most top-notch properties in the country which range from properties of unique architectural design to that having a high celebrity provenance. We have attained success in the relocating two new well-known development communities found on the West Coast. The diverse background of our team is of advantage to our clients, in that we annex such differences which redefine our view of collaborative integration, cooperation, and partnership for the creation of a multi-dimensional approach utilized in addressing new development sales and marketing concerns.

L.A Agents New Development Group takes it has a duty to furnish clients with workable and insightful suggestions during constructive collaborations which result in the development of inspirational products and laudable performance standards that set the pace in the industry.

From 2012 to date, L.A Agents New Development Group has completed new development deals valued over $525, Million.

We bring together well-renowned professionals with vast experience in diverse fields and specialties such as asset management, sales, marketing, development and real estate private equity so as to provide efficient services to clients.

It is our firm belief that making effective, workable decision in real estate is a function of a solid understanding acquired through research and analysis on the subject matter. For this reason, our energetic and diligent team of researchers are keen in making available updated insightful reports to keep the client in sync with the ever-evolving market trends.

Clients are kept updated with ‘real-time’ information on sales traffic and lead sources, escrow updates and client management and progress reports through the use of CRM exclusive information portal platform.

L.A Agents takes as priority innovative branding and feedbacks received from luxury real estate buyers to improve on services provided.

Excellence is found in small details; that is why we give paramount importance to functional and inspirational designs, uncommon house amenities and a well-structured collateral strategy.

L.A Agents Creates an innovative suitable for your needs. It appreciates the application of innovative methods in the development and acquisition of standard marketing materials in attaining the highest pricing for each and every luxury developments.